Badcore Drum & Brass are the raucous splinter group of the Badcore Horns session section. Less civilised and refined than their older brother but toting more grit and power, you'll more likely find them giving it stacks on the mean streets of the South West than in a recording studio. As a drum, baritone sax and trumpet 3-piece, they've been likened to sounding like a full brass band from a mile away and have spontaniously spawned pavement breakdance battles.

Influenced by New Orleans brass ensembles and modern electronic styles, they shred anything from hiphop and gypsy jazz to drum 'n' bass. Festival walk rounds, as a support act or buskning un-amplified and portable to pop up like audio ninjas, Badcore are guarenteed to bring the noise.


The first single RAGE QUIT is out now!
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